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 The IDOL FINANCE COMMITTEE – Loan offer with 2% interest.

As individuals, you can also borrow for your own personal use. We offer the cheapest offer on the trade. Take advantage of the opportunity to realize your projects or to realize your individual wishes. You can have the loan with a fixed rate of 2%. We have every form of loan.

By clicking on the corresponding link you can read about our different types of credit. The loan terms are cheap and we do not need a hardware guarantee before the loan is awarded. The personal loan is for anyone who wants to take out a loan. For your individual request our services are at your disposal. With us you can get a loan on favorable terms.

You can get a loan as a private person to purchase a vehicle or a holiday home for renovations, travel, weddings, births, loan repayments ….. If you would like to benefit from our balance, please contact us by asking here. Fixed rate For loans we use a fixed interest rate between 2 and 3%. When applying for a loan as a company, we also charge a fixed rate, but between 2 and 4%.

There is no justification before you get the loan.

Conditions Offer

Conditions Offer

The underlying conditions for the calculation are only the daily maximum interest rate with a 5-year loan commitment and have been calculated on the basis of the following assumptions: borrowers are permanent employees with a sound income and a sound financial position. Calculate with our Baozoen quite simply a first indication of your individual interest rates. In order to receive a free and uncomplicated financing option for a construction financing, we ask you to fill out our financial inquiry.

How to get more out of expanding your real estate loan

How to get more out of expanding your real estate loan

After the end of the commitment period and the termination of the contract for a real estate loan, you should seek the connection at an early stage. The first offer from your current bank does not have to be the cheapest – and pitfalls can hide in your contracts. Real estate loans are often fixed for ten years or more (the so-called fixed interest period) before the end of the fixed income period, you have to worry about what to do next.

For example, controversial pitfalls in the contracts can result in offers without reaction taking effect immediately. Our recommendation: Obtain several offers a few weeks before the deadline. And then you have the cheapest bargaining position. When the interest-free period of your real estate loan expires, the principal bank will usually send you a letter: it wants to extend the lease and set a new interest rate for several years.

If you can not or do not want to pay the remaining debt in one go, you have three options: you can accept the renewal offer and stay at the house bank. However, you should first inquire at other banks and get offers. Negotiate with such offers in the background left also with your former daughter.

Maybe she will respond and lower the interest rate. You can change, open a loan at a new house bank for the remaining debt and pay off the old debt. At the end of the fixed period, you will save costly prepayment penalties. If you get a higher interest rate, it pays off. If you do not want to set an interest rate for ten or more years, you can often keep the previous house loan with a variable interest rate.

This is constantly adjusted by the company to market developments. Variable interest pays off in most cases only if you repay the loan in the next 12 years. If the house bank does that, you have to repay everything immediately. In this case, the house bank is not entitled to a decision on early repayment.

If you have received several offers for follow-up financing, you can use online calculators to compare the fees incurred. For example, the Stichting Warmentest offers such calculators. Be careful at the end of the celebration time! If you let the balance sheet date expire or you want to continue the loan with a variable interest, traps can lurk:

Your contract must also include such variable interest. For example, some Lomerbank indicate that if you do not sign a new long-term contract, the remainder of the debt is due for payment after the commitment period. And then you suddenly have to pay out large sums immediately. It is therefore essential that you check the lease early to check what has already been decided, for example, whether there is a fixed repayment date or whether a termination without notice is necessary!

At the end of the fixed interest period, there may be another pitfall: Consumers complain that they have not responded to the renewal offers of the Von Essen house bank and therefore unconsciously accepted them. BuyNer has written down an appropriate passage in the order terms. “We consider the actions of the National Bank as illegal.” Real estate loan offers should therefore be read carefully.