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 The IDOL FINANCE COMMITTEE – Loan offer with 2% interest.

As individuals, you can also borrow for your own personal use. We offer the cheapest offer on the trade. Take advantage of the opportunity to realize your projects or to realize your individual wishes. You can have the loan with a fixed rate of 2%. We have every form of loan.

By clicking on the corresponding link you can read about our different types of credit. The loan terms are cheap and we do not need a hardware guarantee before the loan is awarded. The personal loan is for anyone who wants to take out a loan. For your individual request our services are at your disposal. With us you can get a loan on favorable terms.

You can get a loan as a private person to purchase a vehicle or a holiday home for renovations, travel, weddings, births, loan repayments ….. If you would like to benefit from our balance, please contact us by asking here. Fixed rate For loans we use a fixed interest rate between 2 and 3%. When applying for a loan as a company, we also charge a fixed rate, but between 2 and 4%.

There is no justification before you get the loan.

Conditions Offer

Conditions Offer

The underlying conditions for the calculation are only the daily maximum interest rate with a 5-year loan commitment and have been calculated on the basis of the following assumptions: borrowers are permanent employees with a sound income and a sound financial position. Calculate with our Baozoen quite simply a first indication of your individual interest rates. In order to receive a free and uncomplicated financing option for a construction financing, we ask you to fill out our financial inquiry.

How to get more out of expanding your real estate loan

How to get more out of expanding your real estate loan

After the end of the commitment period and the termination of the contract for a real estate loan, you should seek the connection at an early stage. The first offer from your current bank does not have to be the cheapest – and pitfalls can hide in your contracts. Real estate loans are often fixed for ten years or more (the so-called fixed interest period) before the end of the fixed income period, you have to worry about what to do next.

For example, controversial pitfalls in the contracts can result in offers without reaction taking effect immediately. Our recommendation: Obtain several offers a few weeks before the deadline. And then you have the cheapest bargaining position. When the interest-free period of your real estate loan expires, the principal bank will usually send you a letter: it wants to extend the lease and set a new interest rate for several years.

If you can not or do not want to pay the remaining debt in one go, you have three options: you can accept the renewal offer and stay at the house bank. However, you should first inquire at other banks and get offers. Negotiate with such offers in the background left also with your former daughter.

Maybe she will respond and lower the interest rate. You can change, open a loan at a new house bank for the remaining debt and pay off the old debt. At the end of the fixed period, you will save costly prepayment penalties. If you get a higher interest rate, it pays off. If you do not want to set an interest rate for ten or more years, you can often keep the previous house loan with a variable interest rate.

This is constantly adjusted by the company to market developments. Variable interest pays off in most cases only if you repay the loan in the next 12 years. If the house bank does that, you have to repay everything immediately. In this case, the house bank is not entitled to a decision on early repayment.

If you have received several offers for follow-up financing, you can use online calculators to compare the fees incurred. For example, the Stichting Warmentest offers such calculators. Be careful at the end of the celebration time! If you let the balance sheet date expire or you want to continue the loan with a variable interest, traps can lurk:

Your contract must also include such variable interest. For example, some Lomerbank indicate that if you do not sign a new long-term contract, the remainder of the debt is due for payment after the commitment period. And then you suddenly have to pay out large sums immediately. It is therefore essential that you check the lease early to check what has already been decided, for example, whether there is a fixed repayment date or whether a termination without notice is necessary!

At the end of the fixed interest period, there may be another pitfall: Consumers complain that they have not responded to the renewal offers of the Von Essen house bank and therefore unconsciously accepted them. BuyNer has written down an appropriate passage in the order terms. “We consider the actions of the National Bank as illegal.” Real estate loan offers should therefore be read carefully.

Personal payday loan simulation

A personal payday loan to do what?

A personal loan to do what?

You need financial resources quickly to realize a project that is important to you or to cover a large unexpected expense. To do this, you want to know in advance how much your monthly repayments would be before signing your credit agreement. We have the solution to answer your questions.

The personal payday loan is one of many loans that falls into the category of consumer credit whose amount that varies most of the time between 200 and 75 000 euros.

It is an unallocated loan, that is, it is intended not to finance a specific purchase but to enable the borrower to meet all expenses relating to both unspecified consumer goods and services such as expenses related to family events, medical expenses, education expenses, taxes, renovation costs, travel, etc.

In practice, the funds are paid into the bank account of the borrower who has it as he wishes. This sum will be reimbursed by periodic payments that may be spread over a period of a few months to a few years, 120 months being generally the maximum period.

A calculation at a glance

A calculation at a glance

Thanks to the implementation of a quality service, we invite you to consult our installment loan simulation tool right away. Thanks to our expertise, you will be able to know the amount of your monthly payments in record time.

You will therefore have access to installment loans that will allow you to fulfill your wishes with our personal payday loan simulation. By entering your data, you will have an almost instantaneous overview of the spread of your repayments.

You will finally be able to devote yourself entirely to organizing your idyllic wedding ceremony, planning an extraordinary journey, preparing for the birth of your child, financing the studies of the greatest, etc.

Simulation of your personalized loan

Simulation of your personalized loan

During your online loan simulation, you will be able to determine additional criteria such as the duration of payments.

The agency “Your online credit broker” offers you its know-how to organize your future in the best conditions. You can rely on our efficiency to guide you in choosing the best installment loan.

Loan simulation is the first step to realize your desires. You can give free rein to your imagination. That’s why we encourage you and help you fulfill all your desires.

Loan Termination

Termination of the loan

Termination of the loan

The period until the revocation of the loan is to be carried out for the calculation. Exactly such a wrong instruction is found in numerous loan agreements. Withdrawal of credit – Withdrawal period for Funly until May 20, 2016, consumer association will charge refund claims.

Withdrawal of Credit – Withdrawal Funly Deadline June 21, 2016 – Consumer Center provides an online calculator for refund claims financial tip and audit. De / Credit Revocation Name Success, eg against: Non-binding contradiction text module. In § 355 BGB is regulated: “If a consumer by law has a right of withdrawal”. The declarations of intent of the consumer and the entrepreneur about the conclusion of the contract are no longer binding on them, if the consumer has withdrawn his letter of intent in a timely manner.

The revocation procedure takes place by explanation opposite the Entrepreneur. This must make clear the decision of the buyer to withdraw from the contract. A revocation does not have to include justification. For the observance of the deadline the timely delivery of the opposition is sufficient. am / are loan / borrower the following loan / credit agreement (s)


Quick cash loans for emergencies – Fast payday loans

Quick cash loans (payday loans) cover small loans and are usually paid one day after the application is placed.

With the current situation, where the economy is suffering enough, many people opt for these loans as a means to satisfy their short-term needs.

To guarantee these loans you must meet the following requirements:

• Have a legal checking account,
•To be over 18 years old,
• And have a minimum monthly income of $ 1,000.

Suitable for emergency financial needs

Suitable for emergency financial needs

Quick cash loans are instant loans that simply help you when you need emergency cash now. Despite the fact that you are working, you may face sudden financial situations that need quick answers. Such situations will force you to seek progress even though your salary comes in a few days / weeks.

For example, if you need to urgently repair your car and do not have enough cash, you may be required to apply for emergency loans. When your needs are so pressing, a quick cash loan could work perfectly for you. These loans are practically functional, especially when you can not access credit. Most lenders offer emergency loans online, with no need to visit any bank or store. This type of loan offers incredible benefits that include:

• Flexible payment terms
• Quick acquisition: it is very easy to insure them
• No credit checks are required. However, your lender may perform some checks to verify your income
• They greatly increase your credit score by allowing you to settle your monthly bills without much hassle

The funds of the loan are sent with a deposit of money in the current account of the borrower.

The repayment is normally structured in a single payment, but can sometimes be made in installments depending on the terms of the lender’s loans.

Financial charges

Financial charges

The cost can be around $ 10 to $ 30 for a loan of $ 100. For example, a two-week advance can attract an interest rate of $ 15 for every $ 100.

The amount you can borrow is influenced by state laws. Different states have different laws that govern the issuance of quick cash loans. Therefore, it is essential that you clearly understand what the law stipulates in regards to this financial product to avoid frustrations during emergencies.

No one is financially guaranteed during these difficult economic times. You may find an urgent financial need that motivates you to seek a short-term loan, anyone may occasionally need some emergency financial assistance.

Hausbau: How much energy efficiency should it be?


Berlin – The legal requirements for the energy efficiency of new buildings have been increasing for years. But it can also do more. How far should you go?

News / Gas

Picture: Energy efficiency in building a house

The current specifications correspond to the standard of the Efficiency House 70, which has been funded by KfW-Bank since 2009. These new guidelines for residential buildings now provide the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV).

Only more efficient buildings will be supported in the future

“The EnEV has reconstructed what the KfW funding has anticipated,” says Christian Stolte of the German Energy Agency (dena). KfW will discontinue KfW’s funding for the Efficiency House 70, which thus complies with the statutory minimum standard, by the end of March. Then, in addition to the existing standards Effizienzhaus 55 and 40, the Efficiency House 40 Plus will be introduced instead. In these buildings, a large part of the energy demand is generated and stored on or in the house.

How much is useful?

But what do these steadily stricter guidelines mean for builders? The consumer center NRW warns that houses, which are built today according to the EnEV standard, can be outdated shortly after completion of construction. She therefore advises to build already higher efficiency standards. A passive house can handle about half the energy allowed by the new EnEV. “It pays to do more,” says dena expert Stolte. But that depends on the financial possibilities of the builders. “It is certainly not a mistake to build only according to the specifications of the EnEV.”

Savings are not linear

If you build according to the current standards, do not do anything wrong economically, says Dietmar Walberg from the Working Group for Contemporary Buildings in Kiel. “Whether you do more is often an ideal question, and one of the purse.” After all, the additional expenditure does not always pay off in the energy saved. An efficiency house 40, which has only 40 percent of the primary energy requirement of the current EnEV standard, does not save 60 percent in comparison. “That’s not linear,” explains Walberg. A quarter to a third less energy costs a year, according to the expert in the case is rather realistic. “That should be clear, but is no reason not to build more efficient anyway.”

Another alternative that saves: the change to a cheap gas supplier. For example, a family with 20,000 kWh of annual consumption can currently save an average of just under 620 euros by switching from basic services to the cheapest offer with recommendable conditions.

Find cheap gas fares

Are there any stricter requirements?

But what about the warning from the consumer center: Is the house quickly outdated building technology, if you build according to the EnEV? “The EnEV has always formulated a standard that still left room for improvement,” explains Alexander Lyssoudis of the Bavarian Chamber of Civil Engineers. The EnEV describes the border to the upper third of what is actually possible. He also advises to go beyond the requirements of the EnEV, if it is financially possible.

It is difficult to predict if the regulations will become even stricter in the future. On the way to the European lowest energy standard, which should apply in 2021, this can not be ruled out. On the other hand, concrete requirements of the European Union are not yet known, says Lyssoudis. Whether the standards get even sharper again depends on the products. If the demand for efficient building materials becomes more affordable or new innovations come onto the market, this can lead to a tightening of the guidelines.

Limits of economy and physics

Insulation, plant efficiency – all of the requirements of the EnEV are currently reaching their economic limits, Walberg explains. This means? “These additional costs are no longer brought in by the energy savings in a reasonable time frame.” With that logic you can not get any further, he says referring to possible tightening of standards in the near future.

Structural thermal protection is currently reaching its physical limits, says Lyssoudis. “On the other hand, new standards often give a special boost to new developments in building materials.” The new KfW Höchststandard 40 Plus is already heading for the plus energy house. As a rule, there is a photovoltaic system for power generation there, very rarely there are according to Walberg wind turbines or biogas plants. In this highest funding category, 15 percent of the construction costs are financed by means of a repayment subsidy.

Plus-energy houses produce energy but do not necessarily earn money

The plus energy house goes even further. Here, the primary energy balance over a year seen positive. You save energy costs and still take money, you might think. But this bill does not quite work, as Lyssoudis explains: “You save money in any case, but you will not make money with such a house yet.” For sun does not seem year round. Since the technology of storage is not far enough to store electricity in the long term, one must also use energy from external sources, explains Lyssoudis. However, whether the power supply is worth it, depends on many factors, adds Walberg. Is there enough sunshine due to the location of the house? Is the roof area big enough for the photovoltaic system?

What will the future bring?

In the future Walberg also considers other concepts conceivable. “Houses will eventually network.” Instead of energetically optimizing each building to its limits, houses generate energy in different ways and provide each other with energy. Another ecologically sensible future option is having to plant a certain number of trees per house to offset climate-relevant emissions. But regardless of all current and future standards, you can be green on a small scale. Walberg: “Anyone who builds regionally and prefers building materials from the region for his house, makes something useful for the environment.”




The Consell will grant aid for fostering regardless of the tax debts of families

The Consell will grant aid for fostering regardless of the tax debts of families

The Department of Equality and Inclusive Policies will not take into account the tax debts that may have the foster families of minors in a situation of helplessness when granting or denying these grants because they consider that “it would imply opposing the benefit of the minor, who is the beneficiary last of these economic benefits “.

The Department of Equality and Inclusive Policies will not take into account the tax debts that may have the foster families of minors in a situation of helplessness when granting or denying these grants because they consider that “it would imply opposing the benefit of the minor, who is the beneficiary last of these economic benefits “.

This is what the department directs Mònica Oltra in response to a complaint from the Sindicatura de Greuges in terms of economic benefits for foster care, and in which the commitment of the department led by Monica Oltra, with the formula of foster care is also transferred. family “as the main resource in the protection of minors in distress” and “coincidences in the approaches” are celebrated.

On this issue, sources of the Ministry explained to Europa Press that “the numerous meetings that since the Vice Presidency and Department of Equality have been in these months with the platforms and associations that perform their work in the field of foster care, have served to ratify the purpose of foster care becoming the main resource in the protection of minors in distress “.

In this sense, a battery of measures has been adopted aimed at giving “a new impetus to this resource that was a pioneer and benchmark of intervention policies with minors throughout the Spanish State and has suffered serious cuts, especially in recent years” , explain in their response from the Ministry, which also point out that they have found “many obstacles” that have hindered the operation of this program.

The elimination of the tax debt as an obstacle to access this aid is one of the battery of measures that have been put in place in these months to “place the resource in the plane of importance that corresponds”, and among those that there have also been “very important legislative amendments”, through the Law of Accompaniment and the Budget Law, and that will allow to eliminate administrative formalities to be formalized by the welcoming, they underline.


Legal protection of the minor

In addition, they emphasize that the Ministry is also working on the new wording of the Regulation on the Legal Protection of Children and has regulated by regional regulations the obligation of the public administration to contribute to the expenses incurred in fostering minors, both in extended families and in foreign family.

In addition, the amounts assigned to extended families and others have been increased, equaling them, so that from 4.5 euros a day that extended families were received, and 9 euros a day that were given to educators, it is passed to 12 euros per day for both types of family.

This, explained in the letter to the Receivership, is “an important measure to recognize the collaboration and to adjust the amount more realistically to the costs incurred”, and add that the amounts for children fostered in educating families have also been increased with degree of disability equal to or greater than 33 percent and specialized care, as well as the annual amounts for the modification of fostering in an emergency-diagnosis educating family.

Another of the main lines of action in the coming years will be the strengthening of the primary care level of the Valencian Social Services System, thanks to the collaboration with local entities, since “without a strong primary care level, it will not be possible to develop key actions in the care of minors at risk “.

The local administration, as “the closest and most knowledgeable of the situations and also of the possibilities of solution,” must establish “an inter-institutional collaboration” with the Ministry, “which will have to be constituted and strengthened throughout the following budgetary exercises “.

In its response letter to the Catalan Ombudsman, the Ministry also informs you that it is going to convene a work medal on foster care, which will give input to the technicians and representatives of the collaborating entities to “develop a joint process of analysis and improvement proposals to introduce in this resource “

Check here more news from Valencia.

News Fair money for all: funds want fairer financial compensation

News Fair money for all: funds want fairer financial compensation News always well informed

Tuesday, 20.06.17 , written by Annabell Meyer The new federal government has not yet been elected, and the first demands are already coming. An alliance of replacement funds, company and guild health insurance funds calls for a quick reform of financial equalization. Because the previous regulation creates distortion of competition rather than equal opportunities in health care. That must change urgently. The money from the financial equalization is to be distributed more equitably

For years there is a dispute between the general local health insurance funds (AOKen) and many replacement health insurance as well as company and guild health insurance funds. The reason for this is the distribution of funds from the financial equalization. Because that would benefit only the AOKen , it is said by the critics. Recent figures of the Frankfurter Allgemeine seem to confirm the allegation.

According to the newspaper, the health insurances in the first quarter of 2017 apparently record surpluses amounting to 620 million euros . But while the AOKen were able to quintuple their reserves by a factor of five compared to the previous year, the substitute funds as well as the guild and company health insurance funds had to accept losses overall. They attribute this to the morbidity-oriented risk structure compensation, Morbi-RSA for short. This would favor the local health insurance and thus create an imbalance in the additional contributions. The new federal government must immediately end this distortion of competition, is the joint demand of the Alliance of 91 health insurance companies.

Suspected manipulation: funds use financial equalization

The financial equalization serves to compensate for risk differences between the health insurance funds. Some funds have many members who are older or suffer from chronic diseases. For these patients, the expenses of the health insurance are higher than for younger people, who only have to be treated occasionally because of a cold or flu. In order to reduce this imbalance, obtain health insurance with many patients at risk for financial compensation.

However, the principle has long been critical. Because some funds would make their members deliberately sicker to get as much money from the Morbi RSA. So there is a list of 80 selected diseases, the health insurance companies receive a grant of up to 1,000 euros in their diagnosis. A new study by Munich researchers now shows, on the one hand, that the number of these diagnoses has greatly increased since the introduction of risk structure compensation, and, on the other hand, that this is due to manipulative agreements between physicians and health insurers.

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More money for sick members: Prevention remains by the wayside

Critics see in the regulations of the financial equalization not only the danger to make the insured supposedly sicker. Rather, health insurances that campaign for effective prevention are subsequently punished for having less money. In the long term, this could lead to the funds lacking the drive to spend money on prevention measures.

This problem also names the Monopolies Commission in a special report on “Status and perspectives of competition in the German health insurance system”. As an independent body, it advises the Federal Government, inter alia, on competition law and competition policy. As the Handelsblatt reports, the Commission proposes to penalize health insurance funds when their sick leave rate increases significantly .

By contrast, the alliance of replacement funds as well as guild and health insurance funds is calling for a speedy reform of financial equalization. The corresponding statement states: “The Morbi-RSA must become tamper-resistant and fairer in the future.”

Compensation payments can influence cash contributions

The main criticism of the structural compensation for the alliance of health insurance funds is the uneven development of the contributions . For example, funds that receive a high level of support from the Morbi-RSA can keep their additional contribution permanently low. However, if a health insurance company receives only a few compensation payments, its overall expenditure will also be higher. To cover the costs, this could lead to premium increases. The victims are then the insured.

Tip: Health insurance, which are particularly important value for a cheap hedge, find out quickly with a health insurance comparison, which funds are cheap.

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  • Annabell Meyer
  • editorial staff

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Your Complete Guide To Auto Title Loans

If you are planning purchaser a new car on the short-term notice, then will end up in for an auto title loan. As the claim goes, bucks is provided for the auto buyer in return for of the vehicle’s title certificate as security. Assuming the money is not paid, the lender holds finest to helpful title certificate as safe practices. The duration with the advance is generally from a couple weeks to thirty day. For those having the earning income, this loan package offer is quite the perfect answer. The eye rates are likely to be on the more side. Individual that devote off your borrowed amount on time or before in order to avoid these high interest rates.

The financial transaction is often like any deal regarding getting medicine from a drugstore. You come in. You present your prescription. The prescription medication is delivered. Provided for for it. And you go out.


Be confident that you read and know the contract are generally signing prior to accept the terms and types of conditions. If you do not understand something, you should ask upfront. Once a person agreed into the terms and signed the paperwork it is too late to say you did not understand.

People often face lots of troubles while disposing off their old and unwanted cars. Citations: Don’t Let Your Car Own You, Dave Ramsey, Daveramsey. The whole lot will have a total approximately 5 minutes of your time, including about a few seconds for a phone call. One things for sure, which happens to be that due to find the most effective Cash Energy San Francisco services can get the best, most solid deal for your own vehicle. Metro Car Removals & Cash energy Melbourne are dedicated to Good Cars & late model vehicles with no registration or roadworthy certificate or have mechanical challenges.


If an individual a car of your own, auto title loans could be good source of funds during a cash pandemic. As long if you own the title with regard to your auto without any liens opposed to the car, carbohydrates get title loan approved within Min’s. Credit checks aren’t necessary because vehicle is needed as collateral for the loan. Some lenders also have you give them a spare set of your car factors. This is these to repossess your car in case you neglect to pay the interest for your loan.

And by comparison to banking institutions, offers banking hours and banking days as well as a while to have a mortgage loan, using a collateral lending business hand calculators get your hard within several minutes and even a max of 2 hours.

In it that do not pay your money back you borrowed as agreed upon, you lose vehicle. When you sign your paperwork, you are agreeing that the lender owns the car if you fail fork out. It is important to maintain to date with your payment plan in order to avoid losing car.

Now, the particular easy aid of auto title loans, you can enjoy the funds without any difficulty of paper work, faxing and tiresome delays within. There will not be any additional cost and you can get this assistance with better finer points. Thus, to get access of desired funds on the basis of automobile title any kind of apprehension, you stepped at the right place.